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1. The 31.º Grande Prémio Internacional de Rio Maior em Marcha is an integrated test in the World Race Walking Tour, being organized by the Câmara Municipal de Rio Maior, DESMOR EM SA and the Clube de Natação de Rio Maior, with the support of the Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo, da Associação de Atletismo de Santarém and several entities, firms and brands.

2. This event will be part of the World Race Walking Tour, integrating the Gold Level RW Event.

3. The 31.º Grande Prémio Internacional de Rio Maior em Marcha will take place on Saturday, May 11th 2024,  in a circuit of 1,000 meters around the Jardim Municipal de Rio Maior, with the departure and arrival in the same place, on Rua João Ferreira da Maia, with circuits on Avenida Dr. João Calado da Maia, with the following program:


Promotional Youth Race Walking– 2km:

3:30p.m. -  Young Benjamins, Children and Beginners, Women's

and Men's.

Promotional Race Walking Mile – 5km:

4:00p.m. - Juvenile, Juniors, Seniors and Veterans, Women's and Men's.


Internacional Competition:

6:00p.m. - 20 km Internacional Women's

                     10 km - Women's Juniors – Extra competition


6:12p.m. - 20 km Internacional Men's

                    10 km - Men's Juniors – Extra competition


4. In this event everyone can compete, all athletes and clubs whether federated or not.


5. The confirmation of the proper conditions to be part of the event will be made by judges with the international degree, which may be from five different countries under the international regulation.


6. The circuit of the race will be closed to the traffic and the organization will have at their disposal a doctor  and ambulances of the Bombeiros Voluntários de Rio Maior for any eventuality, and also a sports insurance for athletes that are not federated.


7. There will be refreshment stations for all athletes in the circuit and at the end of the races, there is also a room for treatment massages.


8. Registration: Registrations must be entered until April 30th 2024, on the registration platform, indicated on the event's website.


9. There will be a team classification for the Promotion Youth Race Walking and another one for the promotion race walking. This will be  made by the sum of the points obtained by each team in the male and female .

Thus, in males and females, they will be assigned separately, 20 points to the 1st classified, 19 to the 2nd, 18 to the 3rd and so on to the 20th ranked, which will have a point.

* Extra 10km for juniors will be only for athletes invited by the organization and  there is no place for individual prizes or scoring by teams.


10. Prizes: All athletes who cut the finish line will be awarded with Medals  and also the one's by each competition


3 first fem / masc - Promotional Youth Race Walking.

3 first fem / masc - Promotional Race Walking Mile.

3 first fem / masc – 20km Portuguese.

3 first fem / masc – 20km International.


Prize Money – 20km:

Fem / Masc                                      

1º Portuguese - 200,00 €                                       

2º Portuguese - 150,00 €                                

3º Portuguese - 100,00 €        

Fem / Masc Internacional 

1º Place - 4.000,00 USD        

2º Place - 2.500,00 USD     

3º Place -  1.500,00 USD       

4º Place -  1.000,00 USD

5º Place - 800,00 USD                                             

6º Place - 700,00 USD   


Collective Prizes: 

Cups to the first 3 teams of the Promotional Youth Race Walking (M + F) and Promotional Race Walking Mile (M + F)



11.  Any situation omitted in this regulation will be solved according with the International Athletics Regulation.



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